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KCRQ- Easter Eggs

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#1 PaulDPearl



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Posted 05 July 2016 - 03:54 am

McClellan-Palomar look almost perfect. I purchased it via steam and posted a review - you now have one positive one  :ph34r: 

I don't use any other addons (yet) so I had no issues though I haven't yet found the control panel mentioned on these forums.

I do have some feedback on a couple things. It would be nice to see this runway sloped, as the actual airport has a challenging slope to it and dip in the middle - and the entire runway and airport is somewhat elevated from the rest of the ground around it.

The landing lights on RWY 24 extend beyond that road with single strobe lights (which are on poles in real life as the elevation there is quite below the runway). 

Also there's a usually a couple helicopters parked by the heli pad (near the fuel). In fact, there's a helicopter school (of which, the hanger you've already got in the scenery) and if it's something you can do, having helicopters take off from that spot, fly a quick pattern around the south of the airport and come in and land (over and over again) it would be very much what happens constantly there. 


I also noticed there's a hanger open in which you could hide an excellent insider Easter egg which would some who worked at that airport in stitches. 

There used to be a boat parked in one of the Jet Source hangers. I could provide pictures if you're interested

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#2 Paul Webster

Paul Webster


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Posted 05 July 2016 - 08:19 am



Thanks for the review.

On steam you need to install the control panel seperately, it can be found under Library -> Tools and is called "FSX Sim720 configuartion tool"


In FSX if you do sloped runways then the AI aircraft can no longer land at that airport so most developers make the runways flat.


I have made a note of the other stuff for next time we work on the airport.




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